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UV Phosphor pigment
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  • Post date:September 2, 2013
  • Keywords:UV Phosphor pigment,UV fluorescent powder,Anti-counterfeiting fluorescent pigment,IR Phosphor pigment,UV Phosphor powder
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    Incorporated into security inks, fibres and papers,irradiated by UV light,emit fluorescent radiation of fresh colors to identify
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Detailed Product Description

Item Name:UV Fluorescent Pigment
Type: UV Fluorescent Pigment&IR Green Pigment
Glowing color range: yellow, green, red, blue and violet etc.
Material:PVC and Photoluminescent pigment,etc.

1)As the color of UV pigments&IR pigment are not noticeable when incorporated into security inks, fibres and papers, when irradiated with UV light, they emit fluorescent radiation of fresh colours and so are immediately identifiable.
2)Used in postage stamps, currency notes, credit cards, lottery tickets, security passes, etc.
3)Apply for architectural decoration, such as hotels and restaurants, discotheques and night clubs, gymnasiums and other public entertainment places for outstanding visible effects.

Supply Ability: 5000 KG/Month
Packing:1KG/5KG/10KG/25KG Plastic Barrel lined with vinyl bag or customization.

About us:

Jinan Chenghao Technology Co., Ltd., specilized in R&D, manufacturing and exporting photoluminescent pigment(activated by rare earth) for more than 10 years,which has been exported to North American, Western Europe, Eatern Europe, Northern Europe, Japan, Australia,etc.

Established in 2000, we have succeeded in developing 7 series and 18 types of PL pigments. Besides, we are dealing related products including Photoluminescent water-based Paint/ink/printing slurry, Photoluminescent Ceramic(enamel) Glaze, photoluminescent stone/pebble, photoluminescent film/tape, photoluminescent PVC sheet / rigid board, photoluminescent Masterbatch and various photoluminescent safety sign, etc.

As a certified company of ISO9001:2000 International Quality System, we pay attention to product quality and innovation. UV Flourescent pigment is devoloped in recent years. Hope to set business realationship with customers globally.


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